Portions of this work, mostly everything from the Organization Structures section, were drawn from a work published in 2007;

Cougias, Dorian J., Marcelo Halpern, and Rebecca Herold. 2007. Say What You Do: Building a Framework of It Controls, Policies, Standards, and Procedures. Lecanto, Fla.: Shaser-Vartan.

It is with great pride that we’ve reached out to both Rebecca and Marcelo and gotten their permission to re-create and update that material. To both of you, a huge thank you from our team!

The authorship team on the original work is


Dorian Cougias

Various throughout

Marcelo Halpern

Introduction to Complying

Rebecca Herrold

Introduction to Complying

In addition, we have new voices, such as:


Sean Kohler

Introduction to Complying

Vicki McEwen

Introduction to Complying

Jody Mack

Organizational Structures

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